CEP 810: Closing the door and opening the window

This was the final week of CEP 810 and we took a look at creative licensing and the idea of “transformativeness” according to Hobbs’ 2010 Copyright Clarity: How Fair Use Supports Digital Learning.  Reflecting on the last few weeks of CEP 810, I am excited to incorporate some new educational technologies into my curriculum for next year to support 21st century learning with understanding.  Student reflection is a key component of a learner centered classroom, as it is important to draw attention to the growth and learning that takes place when learning becomes active “play”.  As such, I am going to have students blog about their progress and include web resources – embedded or hyperlinked – into the posts.  This will not only help them be more cognizant of their learning, but also they can share this learning with their parents and peers, partake in discussions on fair use and tranformativeness, and have a running review of materials that work for their own learning styles.  Now that’s a win-win-win-win!

In teaching, I have found that while students are digital natives, that does not mean that they are naturals at using technology as an educational learning tool – just as we are not naturals at using educational technology in our teaching practices.  Students really latch onto using technology in a productive way and have great pride in the product.  CEP 810 gave me a great platform to think about how I can modify my classroom to achieve efficiency in student learning with understanding.


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