School’s out…Now let’s get planning!

It’s already week 5 of CEP 810 and that means it’s time rethink some lessons!  Fitting since we just had our final round of faculty meetings this week – oh, the ebb and flow of teaching!

I designed a lesson to address the difficulty students have applying mathematical concepts (dimensional analysis in particular) to chemistry in the stoichiometry unit.  After reading Friedman’s NY Times Op Ed (2013) on a learner’s need for basic information in addition to skills and motivation, and contemplating Hobb’s Digital and Media Literacy: Connecting Culture and Classroom (2011), I sought to design a lesson that would address the content and support a learner centric classroom while emphasizing 21st century skills.

In accordance with Hobb’s  (2011) 5 fundamental literacy practices core competencies, students will:

  1. Access information both online in their text.
  2. Analyze the credibility and applicability of their sources.
  3. Create a blog post relaying what they learned.
  4. Reflect on how what they learned builds upon past topics in physics and math, and how it may apply to chemistry and broader issues in business and healthcare.
  5. Act by white-boarding their ideas to a group of peers and inviting questions and discussion.

Read the full lesson plan here.


Hobbs, R. (2011). Digital and media literacy: Connecting culture and classroom. Thousand, Oaks, CA: Corwin/Sage.


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