Networked Learning Project – Oh, details!

Getting back to this shark raincoat idea – and entirely sucked into the details.  I thought I had it all figured out when I ordered this cool PUL from…very sharky…and then


Framed floating pocket by ikatbag

I stumbled upon this great article on pockets by Behind the Hedgerow.  Logic says that the welt pockets with flaps would be the most appropriate for a raincoat – hands in, water out – but really, those floating pockets are just too cool!  Let’s face it, little hands love to find hidden pockets and a little water won’t hurt so floating pockets it is!  Lucky for me, ikatbag has a great step by step for making them with a frame and all!

Now really, it’s time to start making that pattern!


One thought on “Networked Learning Project – Oh, details!

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