Networked Learning Project – The idea is the hardest part!

In CEP 810 we are tasked to learn how to do something solely using online sources.  Inspired by the rainy weekend and this super fun polka dot raincoat by Pretty Prudent, how-to-sew-a-raincoat1I decided to learn how to make a raincoat for my son – although I think I am going to go for a shark theme to feed his imagination, and maybe make it more fitted like this navy blue option by Nat on Sew Outnspring-showers-rain-jacket-6umbered.  I had no idea what fabric to use for a raincoat – vinyl, laminate, PUL – but I came across this gem and decided to go with PUL (polyurethane laminate) for its flexibility and light weight.

Next stop, finding fabric…and coming up with a pattern…


3 thoughts on “Networked Learning Project – The idea is the hardest part!

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