The journey begins! Am I learning or learning with understanding?

This is the first week of CEP 810: Teaching Understanding with Technology, and we started with a study of learning and learning with understanding.  After reading excerpts from Bransford, Brown, & Cocking’s How People Learn (2000), I evaluated my current perception of learning (the acquisition of knowledge) and learning with understanding (the ability to analyze and apply information), what methods accomplish learning and learning with understanding, and how I am currently using those methods.  In short, I find that a balance of learner centered, lectured centered, and technology integrated methods work best in my classroom to effectively achieve student learning with the ability to apply and innovate based on the acquired knowledge.  Read the full essay and let’s chat!


One thought on “The journey begins! Am I learning or learning with understanding?

  1. I appreciate this quote you wrote: “Fortunately, educators have a number of techniques to engage students in meaningful learning, and although technological advances created the conundrum of over-information in an increasingly shrinking world, it also has the ability to maximize efficiency in the education system.” I think it truly encompasses the problems and rewards of increased technology at school and our students’ homes.

    I really like your information about a flipped classroom. Its encouraging me to try it out. I am doing a final project this semester with my seventh graders and they have specific information they need to show me, but I let them have the autonomy in format. I agree with you that the students are more motivated to complete the project, as well as developing a wider range of presentation skills.


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